The jetlag finally wore off. The three colds I picked up one after the other finally went away. I was all set to sit down and post about my most amusing and absurd encounters and experiences here in the Motherland.  And then. The mild Moscow summer weather turned ugly. And my body turned into one of these:

What the Esteemed Medical Professionals won’t always tell you (usually because they are ignorant, poor sods) is that if you have EDS, any type of EDS, your body, and particularly your joints, become very sensitive to changes in temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity. Yup. That’s right. Just like your my grandmother’s eighty year old cousin Lenora, who can accurately predict an incoming rainstorm by the severity of the ache in her knees, you too will be able to tell when big changes in the atmosphere are afoot.  On Tuesday, my back and hip became uncommonly achy.  The sure-footedness I felt I’d acquired the pervious week evaporated. And my joints, particularly my shoulders and knees started to pop loudly, and in very public places.  (Why bother with the whole crutch falling to the floor routine, when you can interrupt an entire library reading room simply by moving your arm to load the microfilm machine?) And then? The rains came. For the past two nights we here in Moscow have experienced severe daytime humidity followed by spectacular thunderstorms and/or violent downpours. Followed by some magnificent sunsets:

And as for me? I will be enjoying whatever cataclysmic spectacle the weather has in store from my humble little bed. My back has pretty much capitulated to the forces it cannot control and is demanding the adoption of a supine position pronto. Since there is no Wi-FI in this place those stories about traveling to the provinces and schlepping Soviet newspapers around a stuffy library with one hand will have to wait. Until the weather improves the joints. Until then, just call me Cousin Lenora…