Progress, However Slow.

When I restarted this blog, I thought it would be easy to keep it up. I do have a major project underway, for which I am accountable every single day. How hard could it be to add a few hundred words here at the end of the day? It turns out that this has proven difficult. I have been writing every single weekday. I am still not meeting my two page/day goal, but I’m fitting in, on average, two hours/day of solid focused writing time, and Big Book Project is growing. I am slowly working my way through chunks of chapters that I was previously intimidated by or uncertain about. The difficult emotional memories that accompanied the last few months of dissertation work, and which I continued to associate with manuscript revisions a year later, are finally beginning to fade. I am finding my own “authorial” voice. All this is good. But, it turns out that it sucks up a lot more energy than I ever would have imagined. And if anything else in life comes up on top of that, absolutely anything at all, then the blog post is the first thing to go. In the past two weeks, I took a trip outside Moscow to a friend’s summer cottage, or “dacha.” It was nothing short of wonderful. Cool. Relaxing. With lovely bike ride around the forest. However, I also managed to come down with a nasty stomach bug almost as soon as I returned home. Bouncing back from that was a challenge, as I (foolishly) continued to work on my book rather than taking a couple of days off to recover. That and then some fun personal life events have kept me off this space. But now that I’m recovered, hopefully I can get back on the blogging bus. Because I do work slowly, it does help to have this space as a reminder that progress IS progress.

And now, an illustration from the window of the suburban train that I took to the dacha:



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