Q: Where Did the Week Go? A: Conference.

Despite the dearth of new posts, I did manage to work on Big Writing Project exactly two days this week. And heck, I wrote another page! What happened to the other days? They got devoted to the writing of a conference paper, the delivery of a conference paper, and the recovery from the delivery of said conference paper. Some months ago I was invited by my boss to present a paper on a SubTopic in the field, which my work also happens to address. I was pretty excited and honored, because my boss happens to be an expert on said SubTopic. And it also happened that the material from the paper coincided almost exactly with the material I am working on in my current chapter. Preparing the paper forced me to revisit a big chunk of Dissertation Project (aka Big Writing Project), something I had been very reluctant to do. But now I am glad that I did. It felt good to take apart what now feels like a very rough cut of a more mature project, to tease out the pieces that are most useful, and to put them back together again as something new for presentation in front of an audience. And it also felt good to get feedback, much of which validated the very raw ideas I presented. Yay! Plus I got to meet some very nice and interesting senior scholars, who had good advice about how to present one’s work in SubTopic field, etc. Even though the process was intense and exhausting (Did I mention that fatigue is a big problem with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome? Seriously, if any of you readers with EDS or other chronic health issues have advice about coping with fatigue I am all ears.) and even though it meant three days of no chapter writing, it still proved quite useful. And stimulating. And fun. Fun conquers all.



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