After a long, busy, turbulent hiatus from this blog, I’ve decided to return.  A lot of intense things have happened since my return from the Motherland, many relating to disability and adaptation. I’ve also been working away intensely, but mostly happily on the Big Writing Project.

I wanted to come back with a short citation from Nancy Mairs’ book, Waist High in the World, on learning to live well with disability.  Here it is:

“But that’s not the way disability works.  It does not leave one precisely the same woman one would have been without it, only (in my case) shorter.  It does not merely alter a few, or even a great many, details in a life story that otherwise conforms to basic narrative conventions: the adventure, the romance, the quest.  Instead, it transforms the tale utterly, though often subtly, and these shifts in narrative tone and type arouse resistance in both the “author” and the “reader” of the outlandish plot.”

Nancy Mairs, Waist High in the World, p. 182.

One thought on “Back.

  1. Glad to read you’re ‘back’ AND working on ‘the BIG WRITING PROJECT’. Looking forward to the next instalment :))

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