This one is going to be short and to the point. I have something sleek and attractive to share. Behold, the Ossenberg crutch:

Ossenberg 2


Lightweight, quite, and most importantly black, it goes with everything, from distressed jeans to cashmere skirts. And importantly for anyone who has EDS, the handle is anatomic.   I will admit, however, that the grip of my heavy grey aluminum PT-issued Aid has a wider palm rest, which was slightly better at relieving some of the pressure on the hand. Since nothing is perfect and the rest of the crutch design is so fabulous, I’m willing to cope with this particular flaw.  That is, I am currently thinking of creative ways to DIY myself a wider palm rest, perhaps using tacky foam. (Hint: If you have any suggestions, please comment!) Another fine feature of the Ossenberg model, which bears mentioning is the adjustment clip.  Rather than pressing fussy buttons to move the shaft up and down to fit it to height, you simply pop the crutch’s half-ring clips on and off.  Adjustment is quick and smooth, much easier on the joints, and a lot less frustrating.  The model also features reflectors:

Safety First.

Safety First.

Unexpectedly, the reflectors have attracted more attention than any other aspect of the crutch. I have been stopped twice now on the street and issued very sweet compliments just like this: “Wow I really love your cane! The reflectors are terrific! Please tell me, where did you get it?”

If instigating crutch envy does not constitute making a fashion statement, then I do not know what does.

Speaking of clothing, accessories, and disabilities, there is a lot more on that to follow.  Until then, stay tuned.



One thought on “Hot.

  1. oooh how did I miss this!
    Definitely, I would be one of those peeps accosting you to inquire and compliment if I spotted you on the street 😛

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