“Memories Come Rushing Up to Meet Me Now”

It is hard for me to believe that my little blog has been chugging along for an entire year.  It really does seem to me that only yesterday I was setting at my friends’ kitchen table on a cold wintery night in the Mid-Western Megapolis carefully following Katja’s technical instructions about how to start a WordPress blog.  I was anxious, and even a little depressed about my new life with Aid, but I was also fiercely determined to not only make that life work but to make it better. I still am. And this is why I have decided to continue to maintain this space. Much as changed for me, however, in the past year. I survived an insane and exhilarating year in the Motherland. I conducted productive original research from early Soviet primary sources on aesthetics, politics, and culture. I began to make some headway on my next big project: turning the results of all that research into a well-written publishable text. I learned a lot about what I can handle and how to cope. 

I would say that for me 2012 was eye-opening and intense. I can’t really complain about it, and I am grateful for what I got. I cannot really complain, but I can keep talking. And I will.

That being said, I want to change a few things about this blog. Until now, it has been a rant space/travelogue. I want to preserve these aspects of this space, but I also want to expand them to add more activism, more art, a little more resistance, a lot more discussion, and some D.IY. just for fun.

For those of you who read this: thank you. And please stay tuned.

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