If You Speak Russian. And/Or If You Are in New York….

Rather than a disability post, an appeal:

Some disturbing reports have been coming from NYC’s Outer Boroughs in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  Communities in the Rockaways in Queens, Coney Island, and Red Hook in Brooklyn were particularly hard hit.  Unlike their neighbors in Manhattan, however, many of the residents in these areas have received little official assistance.  They have no electricity, no heat, no clean drinking water, and no means of communication.  Moreover, many in these communities are elderly and disabled. Some are Aided Mobilizers who are trapped on the top floor of high rise buildings with no functioning lifts.  In the Rockaways and Coney Island, many of the affected elderly are Russian emigrants, who may or may not speak English.  That is, when help arrives, if that help doesn’t speak Russian, they may or may not be able to respond.  If you are in the New York Metropolitan area and if you speak any Russian at all, even just the basics, please consider making yourself available for a few hours to one of the grassroots organizations such as Occupy Sandy Relief NYC.

Thank you.

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