Better Ramps.

This one definitely wins the ‘Best Ramp in Moscow’ contest.  At least so far.  Look!  It is not too steep! It has not one but TWO handrails! At different heights! For mobilizers of different sizes and with different kinds of equipment! And. By covering these two stairs it enables both wheelers and walkers to enjoy safe and (relatively) easy (Do note the snow.) access to Moscow’s Central Park of Culture and Rest (aka Gorky Park, the one in the 1980s American cop/KGB detective story).  Oh and that colorful stripped thing on the lamppost?  Yeah. That is a knitted lamppost cosy.  The city authorities have commissioned them in honor of the pagan end-of-winter Russian festival of maslenitsa, which is coming up this weekend.  Basically it’s an official excuse to stuff oneself full of blini (Russian crepe-like pancakes) and caviar and dance around a symbolic flaming scarecrow bonfire.  Much of the aforementioned entertainment will be take place inside Gorky Park. And it’s nice to see that someone was thoughtful enough to make the park accessible. Now even more Moscovites can enjoy the party and its associated gastronomic delights.

Happy Maslenitsa!

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