Mobile Ukraine.

Yes. This is an endorsement.  Anthropology professor Sarah D. Phillips of Indiana University has recently published a fascinating book on disability, aided mobility, and empowered citizenship in post-Soviet Ukraine.  Even if you are not necessarily interested in the former Eastern Bloc (like some of us, ahem), I promise you, the book will still be very interesting.  Check it out!

Here is a little blurb from the author’s website about the text:

“Through participant observation and interviews with disabled Ukrainians from all walks of life—rights activists, politicians, students, workers, entrepreneurs, athletes, and others—Phillips documents the creative strategies used by people on the margins of postsocialist societies to assert claims to what she calls mobile citizenship. The author draws on this rich ethnographic material to argue for public storytelling as a powerful means to expand notions of relatedness, kinship, and social responsibility to shape a more tolerant and inclusive society in postsocialist states like Ukraine. ”

(Available on Amazon. Or at your local library.)

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